Stripe rust has been confirmed in Greene County, NC last week (4/18/18). This aggressive disease can be associated with losses of 40 percent with some fields totally destroyed.









Now the question is, what should we do? I’ve seen wheat at varying growth stages throughout the state, but my recommendations are:


If your wheat is at Feekes 9 (flag leaf fully emerged) or before:

• Apply Priaxor Fungicide 4 fl oz/A + propiconazole 4 fl oz/A + NIS 0.125% v/v
• Controls stripe rust, powdery mildew, leaf rust, and other foliar diseases


If your wheat is at Feekes 10 (boot stage) or after:









• Wait until wheat reaches Feekes 10.5.1 (beginning flowering with yellow anthers visible in on the center of the head)


• Apply Caramba Fungicide 13.5 fl oz/A + NIS 0.125% v/v
• Controls Fusarium head blight and other foliar diseases


Always read and follow labeled instructions.
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Alexander M Yost
Central/Western NC Business Representative
US Crop Protection