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Advancements in seed have made dramatic differences in crop yields over the last few decades. Substantial research remains a focus among seed companies around the world. Seed companies continue to make advancements in seed technology. Harvey’s carries a full line of seed products for the farm, garden, or lawn.

AP 1871

  • #5 Beaufort County Wheat Variety Test -2017
  • #12 in 3 year NC OVT Trails 74.9bu/acre-2015-2017
  • #1 Wayne County NC Cooperative Extension Test-2015
  • #5 Overall in NC OVT Trials- 2015
  • Medium height with excellent test weight and standability
  • Medium late maturity with good powdery mildew, septoria, and scab tolerance
  • Head type is awned and shows a healthy glow at dry down.

AP 1882

  • #1 in 3 year NC OVT Trials 80.4bu/acre-2017
  • #2 NC OVT Finish-2016
  • Medium-late maturing with outstanding straw strength
  • A variety that has great eye appeal and is resistant to Hessian Fly Biotypes B, D, L, and O
  • Head type is awned and shows outstanding stripe rust, leaf rust, & powdery mildew tolerance

AP 1947

  • #5 NC OVT Finish in Lenoir County Test
  • Medium-late maturity with average plant height
  • Excellent Disease Tolerance

AP 1933

  • Above Average Yielder
  • Straw Producing for Baling
  • Medium-early variety with above average height and good standability
  • Smooth Head Type


  • Medium-early maturity with tall plant height
  • Head type is awned and shows average disease tolerance


  • Dekalb
  • Armor
  • Syngenta


  • Syngenta
  • BASF
  • Asgrow
  • Armor


  • Phytogen
  • DeltaPine
  • Americot

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